How to Choose a Color for Your Home

How to Choose A Color Palette for Your Home

Want to learn the best ideas on how to choose a color palette for your home? You will learn what professional interior designers use to style homes. 

how to choose a color palette for your home

There are several ideas on how to choose a color palette for your home from using a single color to a group of three to five colors throughout your space. Thus, once you learn to choose a color palette successfully, your home will feel more cohesive. 

This post will provide the best strategies for choosing a color palette for your home. 

How to Choose a Color Palette for Your Home

Use a Single Color Palette Throughout Your Home 

Use a single color palette throughout your Home

Using one single color, such as white has its advantages. First, it is easier on your budget to change out accessories. Second, you can change out accessories as often as you like. For instance, you can replace a rug, curtains, and throw pillows. Also, because you have a white color palette, you can buy a new piece of wall art to decorate around. In this blog, I will talk more about decorating around a statement piece, like art or a rug.

A neutral color palette makes decorating around the holidays easier when adding holiday accents.

Use Different Shades of a Single Color 

Use different shades of a single color

Another idea for choosing a color palette for your home is to use different shades of a single color, also known as using a monochromatic color palette. 

In this home, you see different shades of red in the curtains and chairs  Then you see the accent wall in a shade of red, which adds interest and leads your eyes throughout this space.  See my post on how to use a monochromatic color in your living room.

Use the Same Group of Colors

Use the Same Group of colors

Another creative way to use a color palette throughout your home is to use the same three to five colors in every room. That doesn’t mean your rooms will all have the same look.

You can use a different color from the group as the dominant color in each room to achieve a cohesive feel. 

In this space, the color palette is blue, green, and gold accents. For instance, in the living room, the dominant color is blue, followed by moss-green walls and gold accessories, like the gold around the coffee table, the lamp, the basket, etc.   However, in the Kitchen, you see blue again with gold kitchen faucets and cabinet handles.  Also, to bring in the moss-green color, place a vase filled with beautiful flowers on an Island. 

Another tip, add complimentary hues to your group of colors while still maintaining cohesiveness throughout your home. 

Create a Color Palette Around Your “Statement Piece”

create a color palette around your 'statement piece'

If you’re wondering what a statement piece is, let me explain; a statement piece is an inspirational piece that can be a bespoke rug or artwork. 

In this living room, the statement piece is this beautiful wall art by Sandra Poliakov discovered on Society6.  Therefore, the mid-century sofa and the wall are decorated around the dominant colors, green and orange.  

The continuity of this patterned octagon orange wall in another room maintains the flow of your eyes from the living room. So, do you see how you can create a color palette around a statement piece in decorating your home? 

Whatever, statement piece you use, let the colors guide you in decorating your space.   

Add Unifying Elements or Details

Add unifying elements or details

Whichever method you choose to decorate your home, use identical details throughout to increase continuity and flow. If you wondering what are identical details or elements, they are the framework around picture frames, mirrors, and furniture that are similar in metal or wood.  

For example, in this living room, the designer uses lots of gold details, such as pendants, planters, lamps, and high chairs to unify this space. 

I believe using unifying details or elements in the framework creates cohesiveness in your space. 

Now that you know how to use different methods of color schemes in your space, you can decorate with confidence.

This post is all about how to choose a color palette for your home. 


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