white monochromatic living room

11 Monochromatic Living Room Color Scheme Ideas

You will learn about how you to use color scheme ideas to decorate your monochromatic living room. 

black monochromatic living room

You will learn to use different color scheme ideas such as texture, art, natural materials and more to create a monochromatic living room to reflect your personal style?

This post is all about how to decorate your monochromatic living room by adding creative elements to your space. 

The Best Color Scheme Ideas for Creating Your Monochromatic Living Room

01 Venetian Marble

venetian marble

I love how the marbled wallpaper blends seamlessly with the off-white sofa, gray throw pillows and one golden metallic pillow that ties all the elements together. 

02 Gardenias


This minimalist white palette living room captures the outside and inside balanced with the plant and wall art effortlessly. 

03 Chicago Blues

Chicago blues

I love the use of various blue tones in this space, starting with the blue wall molding in the background. And an elegant blue sofa decorated with various shades of blue throw pillows, broken up by a vertical striped pillow.  Also, notice the light bluish gray lamp and vase that all compliments the other shades of blue.

04 Seville Tan

Seville Tan

What gives this boho inspired living room a monochromatic fee is Its’ various textures, the weaved basket, the carved wooden end table, the jute rug, and the pine carved buffet table. Basically, the many elements are similar in tone; therefore, it makes the space feel harmonious.

05 Reverse Pewter

Reverse Pewter

The main focal point in this living room is the framed art which picks up colors from the faux painted wall and throw pillows. Also, notice how the neutral sofa and chairs adds just the right amount of contrast and balance to the space.

06 Saddle Brown

Saddle Brown

Would you agree that hardwood floors bring character to a monochromatic living room? 

Can you see how the designer uses hardwood elements throughout the living room starting with the floors, then in the entertainment cabinet, the wall panel. However, the designer uses a lighter tone in the storage cabinets compared to the entertainment center.   

The final touch in this living room is how the wall art ties together with the live plant. Therefore, this goes to show how you can bring in different ideas into a space to add interest while making it all feel cohesive.

07 Cotton Ball

black and white monochromatic living room

This is an another black and white monochromatic living room idea on a white palette.  Lastly, the abstract wall art balances the room along with a black accent chair. 

08 Black Jack

black jack

What make this black monochromatic living room is the architectural details of the door and doorknobs. Additionally, the soft pink mid-century chair adds boldness to the room with Spanish inspired floor tiles placed on a simple fringed rug.

09 Berry

wild currant

In this space, the decor reminds me of the  2024 color of the year, according to Etsy. The curtains are a deeper red than the chair and wall, but it all comes together seamlessly. Also, the contrast of the wall art against the plum wall brings interest to the room. 

In addition, you have this black and off-white pouf that draws your eyes to the sofa, and yet the room does not appear busy.

10 Tapestry Gold

tapestry gold

Look at how well this monochromatic living room idea works with gold accessories.  Balanced against a white palette, the use of golden accessories, like planters, pillows, etc helps to achieve a cohesive space. 

11 Obstinate Orange 

obstinate orange

This living room space is shades of gray, with orange as a bold statement.

I believe this space works so will because the orange contrast so well with the black rug and cabinets.  So, do not be afraid to use bold colors in your space, even if it’s one bright color.

This post was all about different monochromatic living room ideas that you can create using different elements, such as texture, art, natural materials, and more.  


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