wallpaper designs for walls

Elevate Your Space: Inspiring Wallpaper Designs for Your Walls

Do you want to learn how to enhance your space with wallpaper designs for your walls?  You will learn how to use wallpaper to bring new life to your decor. 

wallpaper designs for walls

Often, we paint our rooms as a quick makeover to our space, but why not consider wallpaper designs for the walls in your home? Wallpaper designs can bring new life to a space in your home and truly reflect your unique personality.  From my experience, my mama has always had wallpaper in her home, which seems like forever.  My mom has had this wallpaper in her dining room, which still looks almost new. So, for your space, you want to choose timeless wallpaper that you can enjoy for years to come. 

How to use Wallpaper to Enhance Your Space 

Wallpaper Is Durable 

Wallpaper is an immensely durable option over paint.  However, I am not discouraging using paint to enhance your space.

Wallpaper surfaces are dry, so any functional areas are available immediately. You can also use wallpapers to hide poor walls. Multi-colored and textured designs can help conceal surface imperfections. It’s a quick and cost-effective solution.

Wallpaper is Stylish

wallpaper design for living room

Wallpaper comes in many different styles and is suitable for any decorating style. However, you’d like to know what style you want to achieve in your space.  See the post on identifying your decorating style.

The wallpaper you choose can make a room appear larger, warmer, brighter, and even hide imperfections. For instance, cool colors such as greens, blues and violets can make a room feel larger and a ceiling seem higher. To hide flaws, use textured wallpaper or patterns.  Small-scale patterns create a feel of spaciousness, while large-scale designs make rooms more intimate.  Your creative potential is limitless when it comes to decorating with wallpaper.

Create a Truly Unique Space

wallpapers for bedroom

As I said before, your creative potential is limitless with the many different wallpaper design styles.  You can truly express yourself with the wallpaper design of choice coupled.

With furniture you like, you will indeed create a unique space unlike anyone else.  Here are a variety of options for how to use your wallpaper.

  • You can cover all four walls in a dining room or bedroom.
  • Or you can cover one wall, for instance, behind a sofa or bedroom. I’m planning to use wallpaper to cover one wall behind my bedroom.  I plan to share, so look out for my bedroom makeover.
  • You can wallpaper your entire bathroom, a guest bathroom, or a main bathroom. Your choice. 

Backing of the Wallpaper

  • After deciding on the style and pattern, determine the backing of the wallpaper you want. If you’re wallpapering an apartment, then you want a removable wallpaper.  These types of wallpaper have non-woven support that is fully strippable when you desire a change.
  • Graham & Brown’s non-woven patterns are also easy to apply with their “paste-the-wall” technology. “Paste-the-wall” uses non-woven backing paper that does not expand when wet. As it doesn’t need to be soaked, the paste can be applied directly to the wall, which cuts decorating time in half, compared to regular wallpapers.

Determine How to Measure for How Much Wallpaper to Purchase

According to Graham and Brown, how to measure in 3 easy steps:

  1. Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of each wall to the nearest centimeter.
  2. Logic may suggest taking door and window measurements along with the walls. But there’s a good reason to ignore them: You’ll order slightly more wallpaper than you need. Excluding the doors and windows from your measurement should give you the right amount of excess. Why go for extra? In case of mistakes. You always want to measure for an additional 10% of waste.
  3. Grab the height and width you measured, plug them into the Graham & Brown chart, and determine how many rolls you need to finish the job.

Where to buy wallpaper

  • Graham and Brown
  • Phillip Jeffries
  • Anthropologie
  • Tempaper & Co.
  • Ballard Designs
  • The Inside

The post was about using wall wallpaper designs to enhance your space. 



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