boho farmhouse bedroom decor

Boho Farmhouse Bedroom Decor: Where Rustic Charm Meets Bohemian Bliss

You will learn how to fuse rustic style with boho to create a boho farmhouse for your bedroom decor. 

boho farmhouse bedroom decor

If you’re a fan of Boho Farmhouse, you’re in the right place to learn how to combine rustic with boho to create boho farmhouse bedroom decor for your space. 

You will learn how to use an earthy-tone color palette, layer textiles and patterns, use vintage finds, and more to enhance your space.

Boho Farmhouse Bliss: Crafting Your Dream Bedroom Retreat

Bedroom Decor Ideas 

boho farmhouse bedroom decor

When creating a boho farmhouse space, the first thing to consider is the color scheme, which should be inspired by nature’s hues—think earthy tones like terracotta, sage green, warm browns, and creamy whites. These colors serve as the canvas upon which we layer textures.

This Boho Farmhouse Bedroom Decor adds rattan furniture and home decor accessories like baskets and pendant lighting to create a bohemian vibe.  Fuse these elements with rustic items, like reclaimed woods, old pottery, various bedding textures, throw pillows, and more, to create a warm, cozy, yet eclectic space.

Boho Farmhouse Bed Frame

boho farmhouse bed frame

A beautiful handcrafted boho rattan bed makes a great statement piece. Its eclectic boho element of geometric shapes feels very global.

This bed makes you feel like you’re on a tropical retreat. It is the perfect piece to transform your space into a tranquil retreat. To make the space feel cohesive, this bedroom has many textures, such as rattan, jute, and green. 

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yara rattan bed
Rattan night table
Jute planter basket

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 Pendant Lighting

Boho farmhouse pendant lighting
In this Boho Farmhouse bedroom decor, you will find three hanging rattan pendant lights and an oversized chair fit for a queen. 

The many textures, such as the rattan and various textures in the pillows, from wool to velvet, help achieve this decor. Also, the juju wall art provides a more eclectic feel to this bedroom. 

You could add some greenery to the room to achieve that boho farmhouse style. 

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Queen rattan chair
juju wall decor

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Boho Farmhouse Bedding

boho farmhouse bedding

One of the hallmarks of Boho Farmhouse decor is its fearless approach to mixing patterns. From floral motifs to tribal prints, geometric shapes to vintage-inspired designs—let your imagination run wild!

The bedding in this bedroom has lots of textures and patterns to make it feel cozy and inviting but warm. 

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boho farmhouse bed set
boho farmhouse bedding throw
boho farmhouse throw pillows

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Wall Decor 

boho farmhouse wall art

Use boho-inspired wall decor to pull your farmhouse boho bedroom together. 

boho farmhouse wall art
boho floral wall art

This post was about blending rustic farmhouse elements with bohemian-inspired elements to create a bedroom that reflects your personal style. 


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