bedroom furniture arrangement ideas

Quick Guide: Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Ideas!

This post is a quick guide on bedroom furniture arrangement ideas! You will learn how to quickly arrange your furniture layout based on the size of your bed. 

bedroom furniture arrangement ideas

This guide will teach you about bedroom furniture arrangement ideas, from small bedrooms to master bedroom layouts.  Also, the bed size will always be considered when arranging your bedroom furniture. 

You will learn the importance of functionality and measurement of your space when laying out your bedroom furniture to achieve the ideal space for your home. 

This is a quick guide to your bedroom furniture arrangement ideas to help you create a space that reflects your style, no matter the room size!

Bedroom Layouts Essentials

Bedroom layout essentials

Bedrooms are composed of essential furniture like beds, nightstands, TVs, wardrobes, and often dressers or seating options, and serve as intimate spaces for relaxation. 

Bedroom layouts focus on maximizing the utility and aesthetic appeal of these components. The bed typically acts as the focal point, usually in the middle of the room.

However, your bedroom furniture layouts should incorporate the bed’s scale to the room’s size. 

Main Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Ideas  

Main Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Ideas

A main bedroom can easily accommodate a California king-size bed. Typically, a California king-size bed is 84″ long and 72″ wide.  However, when arranging furniture in this space, you should decide on the focal wall in the room and place the bed in the center, acting as the focal point. Measure each side of the bed. If you should have 3 feet left over on both sides, place a nightside table on one side, mirroring the other to bring balance to the space.  

You could finish placing other pieces of furniture proportionately in the room to the other furniture, considering the functionality and ease of movement to bring a welcoming vibe and cohesiveness.  

king bed furniture layout ideas

Would you want a similar wingback headboard? 

king bedroom layout ideas

This beautiful wingback headboard comes in two colors: gray and beige.  Also, you can get this headboard in standard sizes: king, queen, and full.  

You can get this headboard at:

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Queen Bedroom Layout

Queen bedroom layout

A queen-bedroom layout is very similar to a king-size bed in that the bed should be the room’s focal point, maximizing the focal wall.

You want to consider the movement throughout your bedroom when placing furniture to create an inviting sanctuary.  

queen bedroom layout ideas

How would you like to decorate your bedroom with a similar tufted headboard?

queen headboard

This tufted headboard would make a great focal point in your bedroom and a statement piece. The headboard comes in three colors: beige, gray, and black. Also, it comes in three standard sizes, king, queen, and full. 

You can get this headboard at:

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Bedroom Layout Ideas for a Full Bed

Bedroom layout ideas for a full bed
A full-size bed is usually our choice when we’re single or live in an apartment.  All the same, you can still create a beautiful space based on the furniture selection and placement. 

Small Bedroom Layout with a Full-Size Bed

Small Bedroom Layout with a full-szed bed

Here you have a full-size bed in a small bedroom.  You, especially, have to consider the functionality of the space when placing furniture.  

If you are placing a full-size bed in a small room, it is essential to consider the placement of the bed to maximize the space in the room.  You want to create a functional area where you can move about easily. Therefore, you want to choose other furniture pieces that do not create a bulky or busy feel.  You always want to aim for a comfortable and harmonious space. 

full size bedroom layout

Would you want a similar bed but with storage drawers attached?

full size bedroom layout

This bed has a side drawer, a clever way to save storage space. Also, this bed comes in one size, full.  It also comes in one color, black. 

Full Size Bed in a Studio Apartment

Full size bed in a studio apartment

Sometimes, arranging furniture in a studio apartment can feel daunting unless you embrace clever ideas. I live in a New York City studio apartment, and what has helped me is sectioning the space off for my bed and living room using a Bookshelf wall divider I found at Ikea.  

You can get creative with your bookshelf by adding plants, books, vases, and other home decor accessories to liven up the place. 

Also, see the full-size bed above with drawers; this bed is also ideal for a studio apartment.  

Ikea bookshelf

Would like this bookshelf divider?

studio bedroom furniture arrangement

 KALLAX is a brand only found at Ikea. This bookshelf comes with four inserts that you can place wherever you like to create a unique space for your studio apartment. 

You can get other bookshelf dividers at:

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  • Walmart

Twin Bedroom layout in a large room

Twin bedroom layout in a large room

Twin bedrooms can be the easiest to arrange because you can divide the space straight down the middle, no matter the room size.  If you want to create a symmetrical look, you can add the exact size of furniture on both sides of the room, creating a uniform look.  However, if you want to add interest to the room, you can bring in a desk with the same elements but are different.  

Twin bedroom layout in a small bedroom

twin bedroom furniture arrangement ideas

Lastly, here is a layout of twin beds in a tiny bedroom.  You can place a desk in the middle, a nice-sized dresser on one side of the room, and a tall dresser on the other to create balance and ease of movement throughout this tiny room. 

twin bedroom layout ideas

Would you like a more modern twin bed made of wood?

twin bedroom layout ideas

Twin beds are made of a sturdy wood frame.  These beds come in several colors: beige, dark green, dark blue, pink, and beige.  

You can get similar beds at:

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Finally, in bringing all the furniture together, to ensure the furniture you’re deciding to purchase fits in your place, measure your space.  Next, estimate your furniture, then use painter’s tape to lay out the space where you plan on placing your furniture.  See this video for a demonstration.  

This post was all about bedroom furniture layout ideas for large and small spaces accommodating different-sized beds.  Also, if you want to know the best mattress, check out


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